The company aims to operate in the construction and civil engineering sectors, as well as in investigation activities in the fields of architecture, civil, mechanical and material engineering.
The customers will be construction and engineering companies, organizations or research groups and laboratories needing models and test prototypes for structural analysis under various types of hazards.
In particular, the market demands that the company intends to satisfy are:

– for companies: models for the study of the static and/or dynamic behavior of components and structural systems;
– for construction companies and engineering companies: models for the characterization of actions and evaluation of the response (winds, earthquakes, environmental vibrations, …) of structures and infrastructures;
– For institutions and research groups: models and prototypes, both physical and numerical, for the study of the response of structures subject to a variety of physical and environmental phenomena;
– for university and private laboratories: reduced-scale or full-scale models for wind tunnel and shaking table tests.

The geographical projection of the company’s activity will be supranational. In the Italian context, the spin-off is envisaged to provide a disruptive novelty, capable of attracting collaborators as companies and clients with a comprehensive service that covers all the phases of the project. In the international context, the scientific skills of the members of the company, endorsed by a multitude of international publications and positions held in the public sector, will be an important source of credibility for the business group.

The company envisions to play a relevant role in the market thanks to its specialization characteristics and the multidisciplinary nature with which it intends to approach its activities, combining a high scientific capacity with professional technical aspects and cutting-edge manufacturing skills for the realization complex physical models.